6 famous actors living in apartments in the US, where they live and how apartments are?

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Have you ever wondered how celebrities live? Their lifestyle, luxury apartments, how they are decorated and how much they have spent on them?

Since I was a kid I`ve always been attracted to movie stars (not that I wanted to become one, but close), one of my favorite actors at that time was Antonio Banderas, I LOVED HIM, my dream was to meet him in person…and well maybe get married to him in a million years.

It was the year 1998 when my mom (and best friend) asked me If I wanted to travel to L.A. …in two days!! ( at that time I was living in Uruguay) And, of course, my answer was, NOOOW!
Two days later we headed to California. It was an awesome trip! Full of adventures. We hired a very cool chauffeur, who took us on a Tour through Beverly Hills` famous residences and guess what? Before traveling, I had written down Antonio Banderas` home address and was determined to visit his house (from afar , of course, not that I´m a stalker)

So I asked our chauffeur to drive us to his house, which he did. But he never imagined that I was going to get out of the car, climb a tree and take pictures to see if I saw my love! To my disappointment, all that I saw was its huge private garden, with hammocks, some clothes and toys (which I imagine belonged to their little girl at that time, Stella). What´s funny about it is that the driver became paranoid and started shouting at me: get down from that tree!! We are all going to prison!!! Come on!!! , ok, ok, take it easy man, I just wanted to see if I had the chance of experiencing a close encounter with the love of my life….anyway, it was worth it and fun and wanted to share this example with you 😉 .

But, going back to our subject, everyone loves to spy on celeb´s homes so here I´ve selected 6 famous actors living in ultra luxury apartments so we can have fun looking into their lifestyle!

1. Kirsten Dunst.
Kirsten Dunst apartment

This famous actress who has starred in movies such as Spider Man, All Good Things, Marie Antoinette and many others, lives in an amazing Penthouse located in the cool neighborhood of Soho, so take a look at this stylish bohemian residence.  You will love it!
Brick, hardwood floors and the coolest style ever!!! Wouldn´t you rent a loft like this one??? WOW, I wouldn´t think twice!

2. Cameron Díaz
cameron diaz luxury apartment

Who hasn´t laughed out loud while watching the movie “There`s Something About Mary” or lived the love story of Cameron Díaz and Ashton Kutcher in “What happens in Vegas”?, the truth is this hilarious actress has entertained us over the years with fantastic comedies only she knows how to interpret so genuinely.

Let´s peek into Cameron´s bedroom and see how she treats herself:

Not bad at all!! This residence located in Manhattan has an exquisite decoration, it looks comfortable and cozy and gives the feeling of absolute neatness!
Cameron Díaz placed her confidence in designer extraordinaire, Kelly Wearstler, and the results are amazing!

3. Alec Baldwin.

apartment with hudson river views
Ok I must say I always get mixed up with all the Baldwins! Alec, Willliam, Daniel…and the funny thing is they all look the same!
But now we are going to focus on Alec Baldwin, this handsome talented actor and director who starred in famous movies such as Shortcut to Happiness or Pearl Harbor.
His 12.5 million classic prewar Condo located in the heart of Greenwich Village will blow your mind!

It features, 4 bedrooms and 4 and a half bathrooms and 4,137 SQFT!
Imagine cooking in that awesome kitchen! I personally would have no problem doing an intensive cooking course just to get into it!

4. Leonardo Di Caprio.

If I ask you if you´ve seen Titanic and your answer is No, I swear I´ll never write a blog again in my life, but as your answer is undoubtedly YES, I will keep delighting you with my posts 😀
This superstar who has amazed us with his performances in films such as: Titanic, The Man in the Iron Mask, The Aviator and his most recent performance that earned him an Oscar in “The Revenant”, among other successes, lives in an exclusive eco-friendly residence in a high rise building in New York City located in Riverside!

This absolutely gorgeous apartment was designed by Thom Filicia, and is worthy of an exclamation cry shouting:”I´m the king of the wooorld!!!!!”

5. Natalie Portman.

luxury apartment hudson river
We probably all remember Natalie Portman in her extraordinary role as Mathilda in The Professional starring genius French actor, Jean Reno.
She was only 12 years old when she showed up with her talent, and only a few years later surprised us with her dramatic and exquisite performance in The Black Swan.
Other successes such as Closer are part of her extensive career, but now she is amazing us with her 6.55 million condo in Richard Meier´s Charles Street building in Manhattan´s West Village area!

This 2541 SQFT. residence features 3 bedroom, 3 bath, spectacular Hudson River and Park views and is decorated in such an exquisite and feminine way, you would even guess it once belonged to this famous actress!

6. Scarlett Johansson.

luxury apartments midtown manhattan
This beautiful actress, model, and singer known for her performances in famous movies like: Match Point, The Other Boleyn Girl, Under the Skin and in Marvel Comics, among others, is considered one of the sexiest women in the world.
And this talented and refined actress owned this spectacular 1300 SQFT. Duplex loft in Manhattan´s Tribeca neighborhood.

This loft which sits in a former textile building, a Beaux Arts landmark designed by fabulous architect Henry Janeway Hardenbergh and was built in 1901.
The pictures speak for themselves.

Congratulations Scarlett! In my opinion you are top of this list!

Glam, style, fashion, luxury and millions! Everything is possible if you are a superstar! It´s kind of a parallel world surrounding us but….never lose hope!! Someday those apartments shall be ours!!! The union makes the force!




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