Seasons at Riverdale Bronx Apartments

Riverdale Bronx NYC Apartments

Part of the fun on living in the north-eastern part of the US is that you get to enjoy all four seasons.  New York City can be a very beautiful  place to experience the Spring, Summer and Fall months as there are so many wonderful places near home to be outoors.  Parkchester apartments in the Bronx has extensive grounds that scream life and color during the warmer months of the year.  With beautiful fountains throughout the grounds and garden beds surrounding, these are prime places to relax outside.  Find a bench or curl up on the lush grass with a good read and enjoy the seasons.


As the snow melts away, new life and bright colors are sure to be found at these Riverdale, Bronx apartments.  The fountains once again spring with water and the flowers come to life in full color.  Tulips cover the ground of Parkchester apartments.  It’s a beautiful array of reds, yellows, whites and pinks.  They are quite a sight to see and very welcome after the chill and colorlessness of the winter months.


During the summer months, taking a walk around the Bronx on a nice day will help you get your vitamin D.  The warm air and the scenic green lawns make for an enjoyable stroll through Riverdale.  The well-manicured gardens make way for you to enjoy spending time in the grass to enjoy the outdoors.  With a variety of hostas, scrubs, flowers and trees there is a nice overall appeal to being outside. The groundskeepers keep everything bright and green from the grass up to the tree tops. 


Fall brings about a new set of crisp colors.  As the leaves are changing on the trees with their brights reds, oranges and yellows, both the tree tops and the ground are sprinkled with a sweet layer of colorful leaves.  The Parkchester apartment grounds are just as much kept up in the fall as they are in the summer, so it is still a wonderful time to spend outdoors enjoying the fresh, cool fall air while drinking a pumpkin latte.

Finding a season that you enjoy the most may be the biggest challenge you will find when you are living in the Bronx in NYC.  You can bet that it won’t be too difficult to find a place that you enjoy to spend time outdoors on these apartment grounds, as there are countless places with beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees to enjoy.

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