Why you need to rent a Penthouse in Manhattan?

Penthouse for rent -pros and cons.


Penthouses are amazing! You can appreciate the view, from its height is priceless, so if you are searching a penthouse for rent in Manhattan, I must say, you are on the right path!

A penthouse is an apartment on the highest floor of a building and is differentiated from other residences for its luxury features. The term “penthouse” usually refers to a small house built at the top of a building, it´s spacious and you can enjoy spectacular views through the windows of these high-rise buildings.

If you want to live like royalty, and find Manhattan skyline view apartment rentals, penthouses are a must!

Let’s analyze the advantages and disadvantages of living in a place like this:

Advantages of a Penthouse in Manhattan:


  1. Penthouses are finished using the highest quality material, and luxurious flooring system, apart from its superb amenities. They can come with a private pool, private entrance and elevator, fireplace and oversized windows, garden and Jacuzzi, among other fantastic features. You can also enjoy its terraces. Which is a perfect place to relax at the end of the day, especially if you work from home…what else do you need?


  1. Enjoy the exclusive skyline view. Waking up with beautiful landscapes is what every human being on earth desires, and as the proud owner of a penthouse, you´ll be able to do so.  So take advantage of it!


  1. In the winter you would pay less for heating your apartment as it is located higher up and it receives the warmth generated from apartments below, so that´s great! Warm and comfy, paying less than the rest!


  1. The noise? What noise? You´ll be in your own world, enjoying the peace and quietness with no neighbors tapping their feet above you! Screaming, or listening to loud music! So lay back on your chesterfield, turn the lights down and enjoy…the sounds of silence!


  1. Organize the finest parties in your private garden pool or apartment! There is space everywhere and you´ll love to enjoy hot drinks, music and dinner parties with friends while appreciating the best views ever! Wanna party every day??? Yeah!!


Ok, but not everything is rosy, and there are some cons you should consider:

Disadvantages you may consider before rent:

  1. Elevators are usually slow, and if we are in a hurry..the delay on them at peak hours is inevitable, so we must arm ourselves with patience and count to….100000 ( ??¿¿)


  1. Hate the wind? You´ll have to deal with it, if you live in a penthouse. Because of the height, penthouses are much windier than other apartments.  So make sure your windows are tempered and don´t even think about going out to the terrace on a windy day!


  1. Want luxury? Pay more! Unfortunately, luxury has its costs and you´ll have to pay a premium for this privilege.  If you want to own “a house in the sky” you will have to come with a few million…but in the end it may be worth it!


  1. The weather is a factor that usually plays against penthouses with terraces. It´s too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, making it difficult to keep the balance.



  1. Just walked up, and remembered you forgot to buy something?? Oh no!! I bet you´d probably forget about it and stay home! The problem, with living at the top of it all, is when you have to go out its usually stressful! So if you have to run errands, you´d probably think twice before you go!


Ok, so now you have the pros and cons about living in a penthouse, but IMHO, I honestly think the advantages exceed the disadvantages. So don´t think twice, and start searching for your penthouse to rent in the amazing city of Manhattan!



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