Madison Square Park Apartment Rentals: a Pokemon Go Friendly Choice?

apartment rentals near madison square park
Want to enjoy one of the most exciting games of all times at the best location ever???!!  You´ve probably heard of Pokemon Go, this game that has unleashed a real fever between game lovers.

Mixing fiction with reality this game will give you the chance of catching the most fabulous Pokemons in real places you visit! Just active the GPS on your phone and turn on the camera and…GOOO!!!

Now imagine you can not only enjoy this wonderful game, but at the same time take advantage of its surroundings? And what better than Madison Square Park!! This place is Pokemon friendly that means, you can enjoy going outdoors with your kids, breathing fresh air, enjoying its wonderful landscapes and surroundings while you catch some Pokemon! And maybe you get lucky and catch a Mewtwo! Why not?

A quick look near Madison Square Park

Ok, so let´s start by explaining a bit the magic of Madison Square Park ,which is located in the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Broadway at 23rd Street (Manhattan).

It is a public park surrounded by nature, green trees and beautiful flowers. People go out to jog, relax, breathe fresh air and take their dogs running! It´s an oasis in the middle of the city´s craziness.

So if you want to find Madison Square Park apartment rentals then it would definitely be a good choice. Imagine living at a building in an area rich in Pokemon! That certainly would be great! And you´ll quickly become a Pokemon Go lover.

It´s funny to see people in the street, walking slowly, concentrated, waiting for their next catch! Just like a lion cathes its prey, human beings are catching Pokemon all over the world!! Sounds crazy isn´t it? But it´s true!

Do you want to know how many Pokemon you can catch in New York City if you are playing Pokemon Go? What if I told you through a google map you can get this info! Amazing isn´t it? Ok, so according to my Google Map in Greenpoint Park you can find lots of water Pokemon. In High Line there are plenty of Pokemon prowling this popular park and also you can find a pretty big gym at the city´s tallest tower! So come on! Start searching for apartment rentals near Madison Square Park! Prepare to play with your kids, spent a wonderful time together and get ready to rule the Pokemon word!!

“Shake Shack started off as a summer hot dog cart in Madison Square Park. It was not meant to be a company – it was completely accidental. It started off as an expression of community building.”

Danny Meyer


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    Great article! I´m full in the Pokemon Go fever and Madison Park is best choice hands down!

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