5 Luxury Ways You Can Use Your Apartment´s Rooftop in NYC


Luxury NYC apartment with rooftop

When you are living in New York City, you know you just aren’t getting the full experience unless you are living in a luxury apartment with a rooftop. So first, you need to go out and find yourself a NYC apartment with a rooftop and views of Manhattan. Then you can implement these 5 ways to turn your rooftop deck into a luxury sky-high apartment space.

Hot Tub: Adding a hot tub to your rooftop area, raises the bar of luxury. Who wouldn’t want to spend their summer nights overlooking the Manhattan skyline while relaxing in a hot tub? Incorporating this type of relaxation pool will make your time outdoor much more intriguing than going without it.

Water Feature: There is something that about having a water feature to your rooftop deck. Using natural elements to make your concrete space seem less industrial add great value to the aesthetic appeal of the space. Things like a waterfall flowing down the side of a wall really give your NYC apartment rooftop deck added value.

Cozy Seating: Sunbathing or lounging on the roof is what summer is all about. Adding luxury outdoor furniture makes your roof space step it up a notch. Placing lounge chairs and couches out on your deck are an inviting draw to help you enjoy your rooftop deck all day and all night.

Telescope: Utilizing your opportunities to get up close and personal with the stars is a wonderful privilege of living in a high-rise building in NYC. Pull out your telescope and do some serious stargazing. If you are really interested in learning about the skies, grab a astronomy book and get some hands on experience looking for the constellations.

Fireplace: Keeping the party going well into the fall by incorporating a fireplace is a luxury feature to add to your roof top deck. There is something about the combination of both fire and water that make for the greatest experiences. Can you just imagine experiencing an outdoor fireplace at you NYC apartment with views of the river? Sounds pretty great, right?

No matter how you choose to upgrade you rooftop deck in NYC, you can be sure that there are many great memorize ahead over looking the Manhattan skyline and enjoying the luxury life in the sky.


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