Is Parkchester Rental Apartment a Right Destination for Short Films?

parkchester apartments rental


Since Short films are primarily taken on low budgets by independent filmmakers for experience and to attract potential investors and production companies in the future, it is most fitting for the filmmakers to search for a place that is affordable. Those short films that focus on the lifestyle of the people prominently take place in a house setting that reflects the people of the life in real world. In such cases, emulating the condition is quite different from the actual settings. It is the common speculation of the filmmakers to contemplate that imitations are economical when compared to real ambience. However this is not the case in all situations. The Parkchester Rental Apartments situated in Bronx, New York can be used for this purpose by the filmmakers that are readily available at reasonable costs. These apartments are situated near the Bronx zoo, the Botanical gardens, Fordham University, Albert Einstein Center and the college of Medicine, Arthur Avenue little Italy and several cultural destinations. This provides the film makers with bonus sites to shoot their short films obviating the need for searching new locations.

The right place at affordable cost…

The Parkchester rental apartments host an assortment of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. Their land area boasts 129 acres of land covered by natural sceneries. It has several modern features such as daycares, shopping malls, supermarkets, multi-specialty stores with its own subway station and frequent bus services. The Apartment styles include contemporary and premier collection. A traditional style is reflected in the contemporary collection whereas Manhattan-style amenities are reproduced in the Premier collection. Contemporary collection is of less cost in comparison with Premier collections. They both encompass 1 and 2 bedroom homes with 3 bedroom apartments available for contemporary collection. These are priced based on specific comforts available for each of these apartments in their respective collections. In addition, the other property amenities include high speed internet connections and a convenient U.S Post Office. The cost of the apartments range from 1,055/month to 1700/month depending upon the apartment collection. They also have resident services and maintenance division for repairs. A timed service dispatch department is available throughout the Parkchester area. Condominium services provide additional assistance. In general, the rental apartments at Parkchester provide a real life setting at reasonable costs which is more than apposite for a filmmaker on budget.

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