5 Apartments with Hudson River views

rental apartments Hudson river views

Are you looking for apartments with Hudson River view? There is no doubt you will find such without much of efforts. But in order to ease the work for you we have jotted down five of the apartments in Manhattan with Hudson River view which you can consider for your own.

But before going into details, you should know about Hudson River first and value does it holds among the masses. Hudson River is one to the longest river in United States which flows from North to South. With total length of 507 km, the river originates from Adirondack Mountains and drains in to Atlantic Ocean while flowing through, New York, Hudson valley, New Jersey. Every year billions of trade is done through Hudson River hence it not only holds natural importance but at the same time also considered economically important for US.

Here are some facts that you should know about Hudson River:

  • The river was named after Henry Hudson
  • Also comes to known to the people as Opalescent River
  • It is 507 km long river and is considered among few longest river in US
  • The river is famous for Tappan Zee

This was all about Hudson River and it’s fact but there is one more thing which you definitely need to know i.e Hudson river sightseeing. During sunset or sunrise, Hudson River is at it’s best. If you are nature lover, you certainly would like to see such magical view. If you want to experience such scenic beauty then you should try out below mentioned residential apartments. As these buildings are located at the shore areas of Hudson River, you might be able to experience such beauty just by sitting on your couch.

165 Charles Street

This 16 storied building is what exactly what you need to have. With much affordable apartments, you will have a magnificent view of Hudson River from each of it’s apartment.

VIA 57 West Building

Designed by Bjarke Ingles, this is by far the best apartment building opens so far. The building was inaugurated just last year so everything you find here is new. If you want a rental apartment Hudson River view, VIA 57 West might easily provide it to you.

The Trump Palace

There is no need of introduction to the name Trump. This building Trump Palace is one of the work presented by his organization to the world. With some of the best luxurious apartments, this apartment building here may be the one just like your dreams. From studios to three bedroom residences Hudson River view, anything you seek will definitely find here.

Avalon Riverview

If you are seeking one bedroom residences Hudson River, then this apartment building might prove to the one for you. With all such basic amenities available, you will not have to face any problems while your stay here.

View 34

Yet another one of the apartment building with Hudson River view. You certainly can opt for this one here without having any second thoughts to your mind.


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