Why You Need a Fitness Center in Your Apartment if You are Near Madison Square Park

Apartments for rent with fitness center NYC

apartments for rent with fitness center nyc
If you are searching for apartments for rent near Madison Square Park, you will have a wonderful opportunity of finding apartments for rent with fitness center in NYC.  Many apartment buildings in the area have a workout facility available for residents indoors, but since you are near the park, you will also have outdoor options for getting exercise as well. 

Let´s start by explaining a bit about where Madison Square Park is located. It´s an urban park nestled in the heart of Flatiron and NoMad, between Fifth and Madison Avenues, between 23rd and 26th Streets. You spend your time enjoying its superb gardens, breathing fresh air or attending exciting events carried out on the wonderful stage.

Apartments for rent near Madison Square Park

apartments for rent near madison square park


In Madison Square Park there is fitness equipment located in different areas. The city parks system provides this equipment to motivate people to live a healthier lifestyle!

For example, on the East River Waterfront Esplanade, you can find fitness machines and you´ll be surprised to see how many people really take advantage of it exercising for free with the cool breeze of the river.

Ok, it´s true that breathing fresh air changes everything, but what happens in winter? When there are days that are 10 degrees below zero, or when it´s raining cats and dogs? Or maybe in summer when it´s excessively hot? Aha! I guess now you are thinking it´s absolutely necessary to find an indoor fitness center in your building! That way you don´t have to interrupt your workout schedule.


Apartments for rent with a golf simulator NYC

apartments for rent with golf simulator nyc

Another interesting sport, though different, is the golf simulator, for those who don´t know what it is about, I´ll explain:  Golf lovers will surely prefer a good game of golf on a cool clear, sunny day.  Enjoying nature, the sun and spending a wonderful time with friends, but the truth is Mother Nature is not always pious with us and there is when we must turn to other techniques to proceed enjoying our game.

So here´s when the virtual world steps up and take its’ place.

It´s a computerized game of golf in your home, or indoor space designed to mimic the game and improve your skill.  So now you can practice and become a real golf player from your own residence. A true high-tech simulator machine that can analyze your swing and use computerized models of real courses. These games are so similar to reality, you will love playing indoors without having to go outside.

So, this is the perfect solution, especially for seniors who can´t go out in winter or when it´s raining.   Also for golf lovers who don’t want to miss their favorite game because of weather limitations. But the weather is not the only reason why you should stay indoors, maybe you are not feeling very well lately or you feel lazy, so as to go out or maybe you just want to avoid the NYC traffic.  This way you avoid all of the fuss and bother of getting to the course if you find apartments for rent with golf simulator at NYC near Madison Square Park.

This way you will get the best of both worlds, having the chance of enjoying this beautiful park to practice your daily routine, but also continue your workout indoors in case you don´t want to get out. The same happens with your favorite sport, if your apartment has a golf simulator you will relax knowing you can play it anytime.

So come on, find your perfect residence with fitness center and golf simulator and start enjoying life as you deserve!

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