5 advantages about renting apartments in the Bronx.

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We all know how beautiful New York is and how cool it is to live in the Big Apple. There are plenty of places to visit, interesting activities to take part in, and as the city is so busy you will definitely never get bored.

Ok, but what is the main problem with Midtown New York? Although this location is awesome, you can barely find affordable apartments to rent. That´s when you start thinking about the possibility of finding Bronx apartments for rent, a neighborhood that has grown a lot over the past years and is still near New York City.

So what are the advantages this location offers to its residents? Why it has grown so much, and where are the top places you can visit?

Here are some reasons to consider on why you should find your apartment for rent in the Bronx:

  • 1-Distance to Midtown NY.

The first advantage of living in The Bronx is the distance to Midtown NY.  If you work in Manhattan you can get there in just minutes.

Also in The Bronx you can visit very interesting places such as: The Bronx Zoo or the Bronx Documentary Center.


  • 2-More affordable residences.

Compared to the apartments for rent in Midtown Manhattan, most of all in Midtown East, apartments for rent in  The Bronx are much more affordable, and we can still find luxury units available at reasonable prices.

For example the average rent price of a one bedroom apartment in Midtown Manhattan is around $3000 per month, while in The Bronx you can find the same type of apartment for half of that.

  • 3-Affordable transportation.

Not everyone thinks about this issue when moving to an apartment, but the truth is, it´s really important! Distances are a problem in New York, and having easy access to main subway stations and buses is really a must!

You´ve got several subway stations that will lead you straight to Yankee Stadium, Bronx Park East or Woodlawn.

  • 4-Interesting places to visit in the Bronx

Bronx is a location where you can find interesting things to do and places to visit. The Bronx Museum of Art is really awesome for those who appreciate art and culture. If you are a baseball fan, you can visit Yankee Stadium. Reviews about this place are amazing, and you will surely love it. Also, if you want to go for a walk and enjoy nature, you can visit The Bronx Park, a classic place where you can enjoy a beautiful day with your family.


  • 5-Neighborhood- The Bronx unique flavor

Hundreds of new buildings have been gone up over the years, turning the Bronx into a beautiful place to live. It´s no longer as dangerous, and we can appreciate its architecture and modern infrastructure. You can now live in a luxury apartment in The Bronx just like you can in Midtown Manhattan and won´t feel the difference…or maybe you will feel it in your pocket! And that´s something good. The Bronx has a lot to offer to its residents, and invites you to leave your prejudices aside!


Live in The Bronx and you might be surprised with all it has to offer!

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