8 Tips To Make Your Rental Apartment Look Spacious

No harsh judgments passed on those people who are obsessed with having space around them. The first question such people ask while in the quest of getting a house is “how spacious is it? Having space in your house gives you the freedom to move around and maintain house equipment neat. However, having space around doesn’t mean that the sitting should very with very few furniture. It is a matter of creating some room that will enable you do other activities comfortably. Look at some suggestions for you.

Bright colors are effective

Any room that is painted using bright colors is likely to create a big illusion of space. Caution, bright colors don’t need to scream alternatively, you can go for a lighter shade of the color, let say green. Most painting stores will give you guidance on how darker colors make your house dull appears congested. On the other hand, you will still be guided on the bright colors and which ones seem appropriate for your house theme. Furniture for instance, light brown creates an illusion of large space.


Adequate light will work well for your apartment making it feel very spacious. When your house is deeming, then shadows will be all over the house making the house feel squeezed. Apart from electricity lighting, lighten up your floor. It is very possible that when renting a house you find oak wood floor which are usually dark brown in color. I know it might sound very expensive redoing your floor but, it will be a worthy effort in the end. Or else you can choose to have a brighter shade of your carpet instead. Your home will seem to have enough space and well aerated. You can have a look at Fort Lee apartments

Be organized

Know what belongs where. If you keep your house items all stuffed in the same room, it will obviously lack space. Being neat also contributes to the making of your house be spacious. All the cleaning items should be in the store not around the hallway. In the kitchen, keep your utensils in the cabinet if they are not in use and only leave the necessary ones. In other words, everything should be kept where it belongs to keep the house tidy.

Uncovered windows

One thing that will raise concerns about uncovered windows is privacy. Living in high apartments will leave no room for someone to peep around so don’t worry so much. For those who are not in high apartments can choose to have blinds of roman shades on the windows. There are many more ways your can make your apartment look spacious hence; you can refer to buzz feed.

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