6 Tips To Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

You want to feel comfortable moving around the kitchen whether baking or doing dishes or placing more equipment. This is where you think of creating some space or at least make you kitchen a bit spacious.  Things are never that serious that you have to call a professional to literally move the walls to have space. It is matter of using what you have and doing what you can. If you find yourself on the internet typing the word “tip” then it means you want some ideas on how to go about it. Believe me, you are not the only in such need. Everyone has the intention of having a kitchen as they originally pictured it. You want some help? Well, here you go.

Stretched out pattern

You might know or not know about the Hollywood star Kris Jenner. If you ever get interested you might try and Google how her floors are painted. The elongated drafted boxes white and black created the illusion effect to a larger kitchen. You don’t have to tile your kitchen with diagonally placed checked squares because you can just paint to achieve the same look. Patterned runner will also make you get a similar illusion.

Well polished surfaces

Save yourself the trouble you will go through trying to fix mirrors around your kitchen in the name of create an illusion for a larger effect. Leave that to the offices in the tall buildings. All you need to do or have is a shinny surface to cause the reflection that mirrors create. Strategic glossy surfaces contribute to your kitchen by making it look larger similar to apartments Hudson River.

Open cabinets

Trying having open cabinets instead of the closed one and don’t get me wrong thinking you have break the entire cabinet and redo them. Have your cabinet door removed in a professional manner and leave the utensils exposed. You decide to go further and paint the inside with very light shade like grey to add the large illusion. The place will feel more aerated and not congested. If you the time you can opt to have open shelves, apartment therapy think the same

Have a light décor and light furnishing

It starts with having a backless chair, stainless microwave, fridge and cookers. Trust me, you walk in such a kitchen and you literally feel there is nothing in it. Light coloring for instance smooth aqua blue would do your kitchen that justice you badly want. You can use other colors falling the aqua blue category the effect will be same.

Cutlery of similar color

Having utensils in you cabinet with same color brings a sense of organization and the same time not to look over crowded.  Remember, you wan to make your kitchen look larger so save the décor with extreme colors for another part of the house.


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