6 Small High-Quality Apartment Kitchen Ideas For Uptown NYC

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Manhattan is famous for having small apartments. Though it may be true in many cases, what the residences lack in size they make up for in high-quality amenities and apartments. Weather you live in Uptown, Midtown or downtown, these tiny kitchen idea may be able to help you renovate or upgrade your kitchen to enjoy it better.

  1. Open Shelving

Keeping your kitchen as open as possible will help make it feel less tiny. Removing the cabinet doors, changing them to glass or replacing them with shelves will open up your small kitchen and provide you will more space. With open concept shelving you can organize your kitchen essentials better and you also have easier access to everything while cooking. Overall this makes your kitchen more user-friendly and enjoyable to work in.

  1. Light Colors

Interior designers will tell you that lighter colors do in fact make a space seem larger. Dark colors tend to make a small space seem cave-like and when it comes to a kitchen, this is something you for sure want to avoid. Many people have enough of a difficult time cooking or wanting to spend time in their kitchen in the first place. So if it feels closterphobic and cramped, that just adds to the list of reasons why not to cook your own food.

  1. Accent Colors

For a touch of fun in the kitchen, add a pop of color. This increases the aesthetic value of the space by adding a splash of excitement. When you add-in these custom features it raises the level of your high-quality of your apartment in Uptown, NYC.

  1. Adequate Lighting

Here is another tip to help you avoid that cave-like kitchen feeling. Make sure your kitchen has an adequate amount of lighting. Good lighting is energizing and motivating.

  1. Hang the Pots

In a small kitchen, shelf or cabinet real estate is very precious. Pots and pans are generally the kitchen essentials that take up the most room. By adding a pot hanger or hooks to the wall, you will be able to free up space for items that can’t be hung.

  1. Super Organization

To ensure the most highly effective utilization of your small kitchen, organization is going to be key. Taking a minimalist approach of what you have in each drawer and cabinet is going to help you see what you need and what you can get rid of. Organize each part of your space to keep the chaos under control and to help you enjoy the kitchen in your apartment.

Uptown, NYC is known for their small but high-quality apartments. Using some of these tips in your tiny New York apartment will help make the most functional use of your kitchen as well as making it pleasant to spend time in.


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