5 Tips for Heading up an apartment search in Chelsea, NYC

chelsea apartment rentals available

  1. Get an Early Start

If you are looking for a place in Chelsea NYC for any specific month, you will want to start your apartment rental availability search early…about 2-3 months early. Starting a few months in advanced will help you get a good idea of what kind of space you can get for your money. Manhattan is the most expensive place in New York City to rent an apartment, so you can’t expect a large, roomy apartment for $2,000…it just isn’t going to happen. Getting a jump start on the search will prepare you to be able to jump at the chance to grab the apartment you really want to rent in Chelsea.

  1. Agent Multiplication

New York City if full of agents who are eager to help you find an apartment and each of them may have up to 15 clients at a single time. These apartment agents may have contracts with multiple apartment agencies and depending on availability, you may want to have more than one agent. This will give you more options and the best chance to find an apartment rental in Chelsea that is just right for you.

  1. Ask Around

Though the Internet may be the main way in which we search for apartments, don’t underestimate the knowledge of the people around you. Don’t be afraid to ask your co-workers, friends, neighbors, street vendor or taxi driver if they know of any apartment availabilities in your desired area. Word of mouth isn’t dead…and it’s still very powerful. http://onesixtymadison.com/residences.php

  1. Check the Classifieds

Along the same lines as the previous point, check the classifieds. There are still many landlords out there who don’t want to work with apartment agencies because they are too expensive. So there are still valuable postings in the paper or classifieds websites that can reveal apartment availabilities that wouldn’t be shown to you through any agency.

  1. Have a Backup

Obviously money is one of the big factors in being eligible to rent an apartment. Most landlords in NYC want to verify that you make at least 40x the rental price. If you are right on the boarder of that 40x price, then you may need to get yourself a guarantor to back you up. Hoping that you will never actually have to rely on your guarantor for help, this will give your potential landlord more confidence in choosing you to be their next renter.


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