4 Reasons Why Amityville is a Boat Lovers Dream

Long Island apartments Amityville

Long Island is a prime location to live if you are a boat lover. Located right on the ocean shore with endless miles of open waters to explore. Many of the residents of Amityville are boat lovers and have flocked to this town specifically to be one with the water and enjoy the marina culture.

  1. Proximity to the Ocean

One of the best things about living on Long Island is the proximity to the ocean. Amityville in particular is in the sweet spot with easy access to the Atlantic Ocean. The Amityville harbor is extensive and is home to 1,000s of private and commercial marine ships. Being on the south side of Long Island, Amityville is in a convenient location for boats to come in from along the eastern coast.   Apartment dwellers in Amityville, Long Island can enjoy the views of the harbor and the boats coming into port. http://greybarn-li.com/location

  1. Canals Galore

Unlike most coastal towns, Amityville is a place designed around the water. From the harbor, there have been dozens of canals built in-land for more strategic and safe storage for marine vessels.   Keeping your boat docked in one of these canals keeps if from the crashing waves when the storms come rolling in. The canals also allow for there to be many more boat owners in Amityville.

  1. Ample Marine Services

Due to the high number of boat owners in Amityville, there are plenty of marine services. Getting the proper care for a marine vessel is quite acceptable. If you don’t want to make the investment and purchase a boat and a space on the docks, there are many opportunities for people to enjoy the benefits of boating without having to take part in ownership.

  1. Yacht Clubs

Amityville is known for their elite yacht clubs. With close to a dozen in the city, there is no shortage. Joining a yacht club or being friends with someone who is a member can open up a whole new level of private sailing exploration.

Long Island apartments in Amityville are the best of both worlds. Even if you don’t have a personal boat to care for, you still get all of the benefits of living in a city filled with boat owners. There are plenty of opportunities for residents to get out and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean. Amityville is a town for boat lovers.

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