3 reasons Amityville is the best place to rent an apartment on Long Island

Long Island apartments Amityville

Long Island is adjacent to the wonderful metropolis of New York City. There are many different communities on the island and Amityville is the best place to rent an apartment by far. There are many reasons to brag about Amityville, but this article will only focus the three aspects of why makes this a great community to live in.

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1. Hiking & Parks
Hiking trails and parks are no stranger to Long Island, NY. Across the island there are dozens of parks and miles of trails to choose from. Spending a day outside enjoying some exercise or picnic is one of the things that Long Islanders do best. The beauty of the island and the bay come together to make a wonderful place to live.

2. Education
For a family on the move, finding a town with a great education system is very attractive and necessary. Finding a good public school system that is able to provide the highest level of quality education for each student is every parent’s dream. Sending students to a school you can trust with a child’s education gives you, the parent, peace of mind each day. Moving to Amityville on Long Island and participating in the Amityville public schools system, you can be sure that you child will get the attention he/she deserves. This less than 13 students per teacher, the smaller class sizes allow teachers to know and focus on each child’s individual needs better. Plus, the school district is able to spend nearly $10,000 per student each year than the national average.

3. Low Unemployment Rate
The unemployment rate in Amityville is lower than the national average. This means that a higher percentage of people are employed than what is common throughout the rest of the US. Making this the third reasons why Amityville is the best place to rent an apartment on Long Island. The employment rate is linked to the high median household income in the area as well. Most of the Amityville residents commute to New York City to work each day.

When looking for a place to rent on Long Island, Amityville is not a town to overlook. The variety of parks and trails that allow you and your family enjoying the outdoors are a great benefit to moving into the community. The schools in Amityville provide quality education with smaller class sizes. And finally the low unemployment rate helps to maintain a high quality of life.

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