2 Ways to Escape Boredom at the Gym in Your Luxury NYC Apartment

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Getting bored at the gym may be the worst possible kind of boredom. It is demotivating and makes you never want to come back, but that 12 month membership payment continues to be withdrawn from your checking account each month whether or not you actually go to workout or not…so you feel guilty for just skipping the gym altogether. In an effort to avoid getting bored while working out from your stale routine, here are some ideas to help you utilize your membership and gain a greater level of fitness.


Interval Training

The average gym goer has a routine that they feel comfortable with and rarely veer off the path from it. When you do this on your daily workouts, your body knows exactly how much energy you are going to expect from it and will basically run on autopilot. When it happens your body doesn’t have to try very hard to keep producing the energy and strength it will take to continue to endure the workout. When you do interval training you increase the distance, weight, reps or any other variables that go into each individual exercise. By doing this your body’s metabolism will get a nice boost in the challenge that interval training brings and it will improve your overall fitness.


Sport Exercise

Sneaking out of the weight room and getting off of the treadmill may be the best way in which you will enjoy exercising. If your luxury New York City apartment has an athletic complex, you should take advantage of all it has to offer. Find a friend and go play some 1 on 1 basketball or tennis. Do laps in the pool or take a boxing class. By partaking in a variety of sports or fitness classes your whole body will be strengthened. With each different activity new muscles are used, pinpointing a new area of improvement. Keeping your workout fresh with a variety of activities will help to motivate you to continue to pursue a healthy lifestyle.


To escape boredom at the gym you need to take a pro-active approach. When you do a small amount of planning it can have a major impact on your overall attitude about working out as well as the results that you see because of it. Surprising your body with interval training and playing active sports for your daily exercise, you will have much greater success than just maintaining the same old exercise regimen.

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